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Most software systems have become needlessly complex. We rebel against that complexity, fighting it with the most powerful tool available, language itself.

Recent Changes

  • 64-bit Rebol/core for Linux
    Preliminary release found on REBOL Free Downloads.
  • Rebol for ARM beta release
    Both Rebol/core and Rebol/view ARM v7 beta have been released for testing. Go to REBOL Free Downloads.
  • Rebol/view desktop scripts work again
    The scripts on were marked executable which caused them the fail to download. For example, scripts in the Tests folder on the viewtop run again.
  • server move
    For server/networking redundancy, the server is in the process of moving again. Expect a day or so for the nameserver update to propagate. is still missing various scripts and services (like the Wiki). Hopefully, that's just temporary.

Rebol Status

  • If you are new to Rebol, we encourage you to dive in and learn a better way to program. Go to the Documents section for tutorials and examples.
  • The developer site is online again with the prior structure and content. Some services are still offline. We know about these problems and will fix them as soon as possible.
  • Rebol 2 is still available here. It is no longer supported, but we have a small maintenance fix planned and will make it available. Watch this page for announcements.
  • Rebol 3 is widely available via and other web sites. It is open source under Apache 2.0 (free and free).

Recent server changes:

  • Email for running again.
  • Feedback scripts are back online.
  • Fixes for various page redirects. If you find missing pages, let us know via feedback.
  • Many site scripts back up, but some services are still failing.


R3 Quick Reference Card

A useful resource for new programmers who want to see the primary functions and types in a single glance.


What is REBOL?
Un-bloat your software.

Tutorials, Examples
Many ways to start.


Rebol 3 downloads
Latest builds

Rebol on StackOverflow
A very active forum

Carl's REBOL Blog
Vive la REBOLution!

Rebol interpreter source
Open source archive (git)

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